Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Yoohoo! Mail Subscription Box- May

Apologies that I haven't shared this post sooner- I have been a  little under the weather, but on the mend now, thankfully!

Today I am going to reveal the contents of the wonderful Yoohoo! Mail subscription box that I received for May. It had an incredible 29 pieces in it! OK, it may not be officially 29, but one of the items was a gorgeous 10 piece writing set, so I have included that in my count.

As you all know, I received the Yoohoo! Mail box in April and was so pleased with it, I have decided to keep ordering. I must point out that I have bought these items myself, and I am blogging about them purely because I love them, as is always the case (so far) on my blog!

So the theme for May was "Wanderlust" and it is easy to see the correlation across all of the items. I was surprised to see that the designs were not necessarily a typical mismatch of "holiday" items such as buckets and spades, beaches and air-planes, but I was really pleased that the designer has taken a different approach.

This box contained 3 gorgeous little Typographical postcards. Really simple black and white background patterns with bold circles of pastel colours and "hello" written in 3 different languages- Can you tell what they are?

As we all know, I love sending letters and postcards, so these will definitely come in handy!

There are also 2 fabulous prints in the box, one which is a kitsch illustration of a hot air balloon and will tie in beautifully with my craft room- yay! And another which is really simple handwriting with some highly detailed floral illustrations on a white background. I was surprised to receive 2 prints, and I really like them both.

There were some lovely little list cards- I would use them while travelling to write the day's itinerary on- I'm hoping that was their purpose, but you can use them however you like. There is another little list- a packing list- and I will definitely use this for my next trip!

As usual, there are 5 greeting cards with corresponding envelopes and on great quality cardstock and papers. My favourite design this month has to be the unicorn, but it is closely followed by the "bon voyage" card that shows the vintage suitcases.

To finish it off, we have a lovely little writing set that I will be using soon when writing to my penpals- yes, I have penpals, and no it's not sad! #SnailMailRevival If you are thinking "what would I do with a writing set, then please see this hub. 


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