Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sugar Skull Lino Prints

So as we saw in my latest Work in Progress... Post, I have been working on a lino print of a sugar skull. Well, it isnt lino exactly, but a much more futuristic and fabulous material called adigraff- it cuts so simply and is a dream to work with- I would recommend you give it a try if your into printmaking.

I underestimated just how long the print would take to carve out, but I am really glad I took my time with it. I have printed at the moment just in black and white and have experimented with a few nice colours for the background. I will be experimenting digitally later on, as well as trying some prints onto patterned paper and collage prints, but for now I want to share my favourite simple colour print. It is perfect for my craft room, and ties in the skull theme from the lounge in a gentle way.

I'm not quite sure where to hang it, but the blue wall is winning ever so slightly...

I also done a simple black on white print onto a canvas that I had nearby, and I really love the little imperfections that are shown from the printing process. My mind has been running with what to do with it now. I'm torn between colouring it with bright acrylic paints or really sparkly, brightly coloured glitters! What do you think? Sparkly or bright? Spaaaarkly??? or Briiiiight? Time will tell!

I really like the way the print has transferred onto the fabric that I may just have to try printing it onto a top or even a little shopping bag... Watch this space....


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