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Melts Monthly Subscription Box- June

I realise it has been almost a month since I last posted! I promise I haven't been abandoning the blog, but I have had a few bulky home improvements going on, and I'm  now decorating, so have been rushed off my feet between that and working. I'd love to say its nearly done, but there are a few rooms yet to go! Anyway, I thought I would pop on and let you know what I thought of my latest subscription box!

As we all know, I absolutely love receiving things in the mail. Whether it be postcards, letters or packages, I am always keen to see what the Postman has brought me.  I also LOVE candles and having my home smell amazing.

Well, Last week I received my June Melts Monthly Subscription Box! Yay!!! I had subscribed near the end of May and this was done on the website as a pre-approved payment on Paypal. A kind of Direct Debit. Almost. And I can cancel any time.

Costing just £10 per month, you receive 8 full size wax tarts which usually cost £2 each, and from what I have seen a little bonus too! Great bargain as postage is included in your payment, so I had to give them a go!

The box was made up of 8 full size wax tarts as well as a little tester package of mini melts. For those who have missed a trick, wax melts can be used in an oil burner or electric wax warmer and release a strong scent around the home. You can find out more about melts and how to use them here. 

Packaging was cute and quirky, and it all arrived intact. It also contained a little description of each scent which was rather useful when trying to figure out exactly what made these melts different from other brands. There are some wonderful combinations happening in this box! The scents were all really summery and gorgeous- Im sure this will change along with the seasons. Of all of the scents, there was only one that I wasn't as keen on, but thats just personal preference.

As the melts are made of soy wax, they melt very quickly compared with, for example, yankee melts, but I am glad to say the scent lingers for hours. From just 1/4 of a melt, I got 3 hours of a well scented burn! And, even after the scent had died down, there was no awful burning wax smell that is typical when you have burned normal wax melts. They are really easy to break into quarters, which I like to do so I can use the same scent in different rooms and also because I want as much out of them as possible!

I will be keeping this subscription going and hopefully manage to resist burning them all straight away so I can have a nice wee collection!  I have already taken advantage of the discount code included in the package and ordered another 10 melts- oops! I would love to be able to buy the Lime, Basil and Mandarin scent as a candle, but I haven''t been able to find this on the website so far. Fingers crossed it will become available soon.

The scents included in the box were:

1- Lime, Basil and Mandarin
"Top notes of Sicilian lime and zesty bergamot blend into a juicy heart of nursting ripe mandarins, basil and sharp green velvet"

This was my partners favourite as it was a very citrusy smell, which was quite strong and it is a lovely fresh and vibrant smell- perfect for the season. 

2- Chocolate Macaroons
"Chocolate Macaroons with hints of spice makes this scent almost good enough to eat"

This is the scent i'm not actually too keen on as I don't like "foody" smells, but I will definitely use it as I'm sure it will be pleasant when it burns. It is a very sweet smell, and definitely chocolatey. 

3- Sweet Pea
"Sweet floral fragrance with notes of sweet pea, rose and hyacinth"

Such a lovely floral scent that it feels as though you are still sitting in the garden. It actually smells of flowers. Not in a fake way at all. 

4- Verveine
"A lovely uplifting scent, Verveine blends the fresh citrus notes of sparkling verbena, orange and lemon."

Another Zesty little number, this is one of my favourites and was absolutely perfect after having had a spring clean. 

5- Rhubarb & Blackberry
"Based on a classic English crumble of custard, vanilla, rhubarb and blackberries, this scent is a sweet and fruity delight"

Another sweet smelling foody-inspired scent, but this one is much more to my taste. I think the berries help to even out the vanilla tones, and it definitely make for a lovely scent when it burns.

6- Lavender
"A luxurious and relaxing fragrance capturing the distinctive and soothing smell of fresh lavender"

Quite a cool, almost masculine scent. Even though you can definitely smell the lavender, it isn't an overly floral fragrance. 

7- Japanese Zen
"A fresh blend of cucumber, wasabi, grapefruit, guava and lime"

A more subtle zesty scent, but it was definitely there along with another fruity scent which is identified on the card as grapefruit. This scent could easily be put into shower gel! Its so fresh!

8- Night Jasmine
"A seductively lush perfume of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, gardenia and orange blossom."

A complex floral scent as there are definitely a few flowers to identify in there, but the combination is perfect. Not too strong and very natural smelling.

9- (Bonus Melts) Strawberry Rhubarb
"A perfect fruity fragrance combines freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb"

These gorgeous little shaped individual melts are set with glitter and they are my favourite scent of the batch. So sweet and smell like candy, I'm saving these for best!

If, like me, you love candles and you also love a little monthly treat, check out the Simple Candle Co website here.  I've heard that all new subscribers in July will receive a free wax warmer! And just incase you happen to want a flame free warmer, heres a link.


This has been an unpaid, unaffiliated review and I purchased the items myself. The review is based purely on my own experiences.

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