Monday, 17 August 2015

Sewing Bundle

So I have recently been getting reacquainted with my sewing machine, putting together some bits and pieces and getting used to my machine again. It had lived under my bed for a few years, and now that my craft room is set up, I have been able to make use of it.

The only thing is that as I haven't really been concentrating on sewing, I haven't had much of a collection of threads, and often relied on my mum's collection for any projects. I was looking around online, and was quite surprised at the price of standard threads, and also knew that the quality of online sewing materials could be questionable.

Thankfully, my weekly shop saved the day when, again in Lidl, I came across these thread collections. Each box had a variety of colours, which are the perfect base for any thread collection. One box had 20 spools of 500m, the other, 40 spools of 20m. Priced at just £3.99 per box, I had to buy one of each! The great thing about the box of 40, is it includes specialist threads, such as invisible and metallic, so you really do get a great collection.

 There are other sewing packs available, including needles, webbing, hemming tape and elastics, but I limited myself to just the threads. If you are a budding seamstress, or just like to have lots of choice for repairs and other tasks, I would recommend that you get down to Lidl and get your threads while you can!


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