Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Crafting... At Lidl?

Who knew that Lidl have started to do craft items!?!?  I didn't, that's for sure. Ok, so I knew about the stationary- coloured paper and guillotines etc they bring out around about term start time, but actual craft materials are another thing all together! 

I was doing my weekly shop in my local Lidl recently when I found these gorgeous Washi papers and stickers in the bargain bin. 6 sheets of paper, and 3 sheets of stickers, all colour coordinated, reduced to  just £2.09. Amazing!

These would be perfect for upcycling cans and other small items. Plus, there are 2 sheets of labels- perfect for jars and organising. I love the fact that they all self adhesive- perfect for quick crafts. I wish I had picked up more than 1 pack, but I will definitely be scanning the patterns onto my digital collection for use later. 

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open in future while in Lidl, as well as the obvious places to get cheap craft supplies!  

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