Sunday, 7 June 2015

Crafty Freebies!

I'm all one for getting a bargain, and it is even better when it's free!!! So I was delighted this weekend when I got this from The Works, and was able to get this for free by redeeming some of my "Together" reward card points.

Like any reward card, you get points when you spend in store, but unlike other cards, these ones rank up pretty fast!! You don't have to spend much nor particularly often to be able to reap the rewards! I worked it out and I have spent only £20 to have enough points to claim a free craft book, and 2 rolls of funky Space Invaders" wrapping paper.

Ok, it may not be the full works of Dickens, but It was free! And will add nicely to my crafty library! Plus, how cool is that wrapping paper!? I'll tell you, it was so cool that I had to get 2 rolls!  Free!!!!!

If you want some free stuff as cool as this, register a reward card with The Works and reap the rewards. They do books, stationary, arts and craft materials and even storage boxes and toys! Tonnes to spend your money on, and then your points! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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