Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Smart Garden Photography

So I have been trying out the new smart camera I got for Christmas- a Samsung WB1100F- and I must say I have been quite impressed. I was definitely due an upgrade to my previous camera, but I was comfortable with the settings, so was a little reluctant to upgrade. The choice was made for me when my partner bough the camera as a gift, and I really haven't had much time before now to test it out, what with decorating and unpacking and other adult life in general!

The photos were taken in my garden, which has turned out to be a little gem of wildflowers as each season develops- the last owners definitely liked the country look. I can't wait to see the Summer fully come in, and discover what Autumn holds...

These lovely little blooms are Bluebells! I have hundreds of them dotted over my back garden...

After a quick google search, I believe these are Perennials. I love how striking they are! 

And these.... ok I have absolutely no idea! They are tiny, part of a little bush that was growing 
in a pot that I was sure was dead until it started to flower! Any suggestions as to the identity of 
these, or how to find out, would be welcome!  Answers on a postcard! (or a comment)
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