Tuesday, 9 June 2015

DIY Music Memorabilia- Ticket Collection

I have collected gig tickets as souvenirs over the years and usually just kept them pinned on the wall, or in a file to look at when I'm feeling nostalgic. In moving into our home, it was decided that one of the rooms would be used as a Music room, as my partner is a drummer, so I had to think quickly about some nice artwork for the walls.  Vinyls in frames were obvious additions, but I wanted something a tad more personal and unique. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I decided to create a ticket frame. Both myself and my partner have one each, displaying the gigs we have went to over the years, and we also plan to make a third, in time, of those gigs we have went to together. It is surprisingly easy to create your own ticket frame art, and it looks very professional. 

You Will Need: 

Glue dots (acid free) 
Frame- size to reflect number of tickets. I used A3. 
Collection of used gig tickets


1- Choose the tickets you would like to use. I decided on music only, and i removed any doublers. If you go to a lot of gigs, you may also want to choose the "best" gigs, or even favorite bands.

2-Use the liner in the frame as a base(turned around), or just get a piece of paper which fits inside. Lay the tickets over the paper until you are happy with the layout. I overlapped mine in a random order, as I think this reflects the activity at a gig, but it is up-to yourself how you position these. You may have to fold the corners behind for framing. 

3- Once you are happy with the layout, you can then start sticking the tickets to the liner/ paper. Use glue dots- please don't be tempted to use blu-tack as this will, over time, break down and cause oil stains on the tickets. Gently remove the ticket you want to stick, affix the dot, then replace in position. It is best to do any tickets beneath any overlapping first, as it makes it easier to achieve your desired layout. 

4- Ensure all corners which are sticking out over the sides of the liner/ paper are folded behind or cut off. I want my tickets to remain intact, so opt for folding at all times. 

5- Replace the frame as normal, and hang in your desired location. you will now have unique, personalized wall art that is a great talking point for any room!


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