Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Easy Halloween Photo Editing

I thought that I'd highlight the benefits of using filters for quick results, as i think they are often under appreciated. While some people can tend to over use filters, I think that, if used correctly, and understood, they can add a nice fresh dimension to photography and other work. I sometimes use filters to alter the appearance of my illustrations, and to make them look "more poster-like," but often i find a nice effect while just messing around with colour and depth settings. I'll show you a couple of things i found during my last experimentation. This is the original, unmodified file:

I took this in the west end, on a bridge over the river Kelvin. I think the combination of lighting and perspective make for an interesting image, but i wanted to give an added wow factor...

I thought the image would work well with a horror type theme. Turned out nicely. If you would like to achieve a similar result with a photo of your own, follow these simple steps:

1- choose filter > stylise > glowing edges.
2- experiment with the settings (on the left side) width, brightness and smoothness.
3- click ok when you are happy with the image.

I would advise reducing the image to about 25% on the preview screen (by using the + and - at the bottom) to allow for fast preview results. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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