Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Artistic Effects on Photoshop

As an extension to my last post, I have also been experimenting with some of the other filters using the same photo, and made an interesting discovery: when i change the colours on the colour palette BEFORE using the filters, they can work out differently!!! Sometimes there is a huge difference to the final effect. I'll Illustrate by showing two images, both using the same filter, and the ONLY difference i made was switching the colours. Bear in mind that i only switched them, i didn't change them, so the foreground colour became the background colour, and vice versa. The original photo was shown in my  post here, and i made two variations of the coloured pencil filter.

Surprisingly, I achieved the pink version when the blue was the foreground colour and the pink was the background colour. The blue was achieved when the pink was on the front, and the blue on the back. I must say Photoshop still surprises me! :) keeps me on my toes i suppose!

Anyway to achieve this,  firstly, choose your colours (bottom corner of the tool box.) 
Be as experimental as you like, because chances are, you'll achieve strange results!

Go to Filter > Artistic > Coloured Pencil

You can experiment with the settings on the right, but I generally find that the default settings work well with this filter. When your happy, click ok and save as normal.

As per my previous tutorial, I would reccomend reducing the size of the preview image to allow for quick previews, using the + and - at the bottom of the image.

Please note that I have been using Photoshop CS5, but I don't think there is much of a variance in relation to my super simple tutorials. If you find any variances, feel free to share them as a comment!

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