Monday, 6 July 2015

Stud Skull Canvas

I have been working on this for ages... I'm glad to say it is finally finished! While this wasn't particularly hard to do, running out of studs halfway through definitely slowed things down. It doesn't look like it, but there are around 500 studs on this canvas! I simply used emulsion paint as my base colour- I wanted it to match my feature wall in my lounge- then stuck the studs in to form a skull shape. Not much more to it- I didn't even flatten the studs at the back. Oops. 

Still, I don't expect many people to try picking at the studs, so it should hold up nicely on my wall! 

I know the design is a tad irregular and uneven, but I quite like that because the human skull is never even anyway. I also like the overall use of metal- it has been likened to the Terminator skull already, I can live with that. 

My aim is to have an array of skully decorations in my lounge. I will get there, one skull at a time! 

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