Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sea Life Aquarium in Balloch

So this week has been spent mainly relaxing, enjoying the sunshine, doing a little shopping and also going out and about exploring. 

One such exploration was to Balloch where we went to the Sea Life Centre on the shores of Loch Lomond. 
The weather was perfect for a stroll, and an ice-cream afterwards!

As you know,wherever I roam, my camera usually comes with me. This trip was no exception. Balloch itself is around 45 minutes from Glasgow on the train and is a lovely place to visit on its own merit. You can go on a cruise of the loch fairly cheaply, and there are plenty of nice eateries if you get peckish. The main reason we went though, was the Sea Life Centre. 

I knew there would be plenty of opportunities to expand my collection of images and I was not disappointed with the results. I will be sure to use these images in the future. Here is a small snippet of what I managed to capture- quite pleased with the results, and this was without using a flash. Looking quite professional, even if I do say so myself! 

View from Loch Lomond Shores

Jelly Fish- Loving The Colour!

Artsy- Perfect Composition For A Still-life 

Cute Seahorses! 


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