Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY Rockabilly Shoes

So, this week I have been rocking the rockabilly look, and I decided that I needed a nice pair of flats for day wear. I didn't want to spend much , but I wanted something a tad different. So, I went to Primark, got a cheap pair of ballerina pumps and tried my hand at a (small) bit of customising.

I had decided that my first pair of customised shoes weren't going to be over the top, so figured adding a bespoke button to the front would be enough- thus ensues finding the perfect button.  Luckily, I had seen some skull and crossbones buttons in Remnant King's that I liked, so my search was over before it began.

It took me literally 5 minutes to sew the buttons onto the front of my shoes- I decided to keep the original bows on the front as an added design- perhaps a nice ribbon accent would be nice?

Also, if you wanted to have an interchangeable look, you could use badges, or affix safety pins to the back of your buttons- the possibilities are endless!

Wear with capri pants or skinny jeans, your favourite t-shirt and a headscarf? Perfect Day-wear!

 Sewing kit, cheap shoes, 2x buttons

 Sew onto shoes

Ta- dah- DIY Rockabilly Day-wear Flats

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