Monday, 28 April 2014

Loch Goil, Scotland

After a break of around a year, I have decided that I should definitely be more active on my blog, even if it is only once or twice a month! I have finally got a job where I have free time, and I have decided to make the use of this time by being creative again. I have had a lot of ideas to put out here, such as tutorials, crafty reviews and new designs- so watch this space!

I recently used some of my new-found free time to take a trip to one of my favourite locations in Scotland- Loch Goilhead.  While there for the weekend, the weather was, as usual, changeable but this allowed for some beautiful photos. As you can see, the moody sky changed frequently and the difference in lighting created some nice contrasts. I have only shared a small amount of these but they were all taken on the same day!

 Moody Loch Goil

 Framed by The Tree

 Loch Goil Village Church

Waterfall, Loch Goil

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