Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Comic Book Shoes

I just thought I'd post a little something to show what I'v been doing with myself lately! There are crafty plans going ahead, and I will hopefully be launching the "Kitsch Creative" shop shortly. Yaay!

One of the services I will be offering is a shoe customisation service whereby I can decoupage your favourite comic/ magazine onto a pair of shoes for you. They will then be sealed to be water resistant, then shipped back to you. The fine details are still being ironed out, but Im sure it will work!

As a little taster of this service, I will show you a sneak peek at my mum's. (ignore the quality of the photo, I will be arranging a photo shoot soon for all of the items for the shop area.  I made them for Christmas, as she is a complete Judge Dredd fan, so it is only fitting that she gets a pair of Judge Dredd shoes!

Feel free to contact me for a quote if you can't wait for the shop area to open up! :)

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