Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Organisational Productivity

I thought id be really organised today and sort through all of my arty/ visual/ designing books. Turns out i had more than i thought, so i thought a photo was in order! I came across a good few that will come in handy for my upcoming graded unit, so i would advise any budding designer to start your library asap. HMV, The Works, and Fopp are really great for browsing and grabbing books that will come in handy, and amazon is great for books starting from 1p that can be more of the "lucky Dip" variety. I dont think i've spent any more than a £5er on any one book... Anyway, enjoy book browsing!


  1. I pity you when you need your book on advertising, I pity you even more when you need to put it back in XD


  2. hahaha theyre all so heavy!!!!