Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How to get an A for graded unit 1

I thought id put up my sketchbook from last years graded unit.
I achieved an A for it in my first year, and hope it helps in giving an idea of the required standard to get a good grade. I didn't put ALL of the work in here, but just a few highlights all the way through the sketchbook. Its quite a long post, but i hope it comes in handy for those of you who are about to begin their graded unit, or even just for those of you wanting a clear example of the design process. I do not recommend copying anything from this, and have merely put it on as a suggestion of content and layout. Enjoy! and Good Luck!


  1. That is some amount of effort. Now I understand all of the facebook posts about late nights and such. In all the time I was at Uni I don't think I had to put anywhere near as much time and effort into that.

    That is real dedication!!


  2. Hahahaha and this was only ONE class.... serious amounts of hours are put into my course, i think thats why people have a hard time understanding it, if theyve been on a regular academic type of course. I thought this was the easy route as well! lol

  3. oh... and this is only a smidge of what was in that sketchbook.. i think that one was about... 100 pages?