Thursday, 14 April 2016

Yoohoo Mail Subscription Box- April

Warning: Spoilers!!! Look away now if you do not want to see April's Yoohoo! Mail box.

As you may or may not know, stationery is one of my weaknesses. To the point where I get excited about going to a stationery or craft store. I remind myself of Pauline on Little Britain with her pens sometimes! Anyway, the idea of a delivered monthly subscription of unique, quirky stationary really appeals to me.

So after months of seeing the little adverts for Yoohoo Mail on my Facebook feed, I finally gave in and ordered a Yoohoo! box. I was so intrigued with the new theme that I decided to buy one. Just a little one off. Maybe.

The Yoohoo box comes with up to 20 items of stationery, and includes things like cards, list pads, menu cards, art prints- really any printable paper based stationary items. So many to choose from!

My intentions were really just to test the feel and quality of the materials inside before committing to a full 3 month subscription, and I think that it really is a great idea that you can buy as a one off.  Although, I already had in mind that as long as the card-stock wasn't terrible, I would probably subscribe anyway- a little monthly treat while saving up some gorgeous stationery.

The contents of the box are a complete secret until you unwrap them (or read a spoiler-oops!) I quite like the element of surprise, especially when I know I will be getting some rather unique designs that not many people will have seen.

In Aprils box, there were 19 items, including envelopes. One of the items was a simple A4 black and white typography print that makes you sing the words each time you see it. I think it would look nice in a modern frame on the wall. While I won't necessarily use it myself, I'm sure I will get some use out of it in a project in future.

There were a selection of 5 gorgeous cards in the box too. One is a birthday card, the others are for no particular occasion and all of them are blank inside so that you can leave your own message. I already have an idea of who I will

The designs on the cards are very bright, colourful and quirky, and the envelopes all match perfectly. Even the yellow of the envelope on the pac man card matches pac man exactly. I must say I'm very impressed!!

The quality of the card-stock is great- definitely not cheap and flimsy feeling, and will definitely not slump over when upstanding.  Even the quality of the envelopes is very high- there are a variety of smooth and textured papers used for the envelopes, but again they feel quite rich and you couldn't see through them either. These are definitely not the cards you can buy from Card Factory on the high street at 10 for £1!

I will definitely be adding these to my little box of cards so I can pull out a showstopper when the time is right!
There are also some gorgeous little postcards. I'm not sure I can even bring myself to use these as they would look amazing framed in some little box frames from Ikea. I might just have to do that instead.

Again, the quality of the postcards are great. Not flimsy or see- through, you are definitely buying quality in the Yoohoo! mail box.

I am already looking forward to the May edition and I haven't even ordered it yet! I wonder what the theme will be!

As you can see, the running theme for April is "Retro Baby" and this is detailed very well, right down to the nostalgic bubblegum thrown in!

The weekly meal planner that is included is also done in a "Happy Days" Diner style. It is so cute I can't bring myself to write on it so I am thinking of laminating the page so I can keep reusing it. It would look great in my kitchen, stuck on the fridge- and useful too!

Theres a handy phone numbers list- I always love a list, as well as some funky little happy face stickers. So many littly funky bits and pieces in such a little box!

The last little novelty gift in the box is one of the magic Fortune Teller fish. You can usually get these in christmas crackers, but I haven't seen them in years, and definitely not to this standard.

As you can see, it's pretty accurate as it indicates that I am passionate! Well then!

Overall, I am really happy with my Yoohoo! Mail box. The quality is great and really, the cost is pretty good too. If you think about how much it costs you to buy a card in Asda, you couldn't get many for a tenner! Especially of such great quality. If I continue to get these boxes (which I plan on), I will very quickly be getting a lovely collection of cards, and the rest of the stationary really will go into my stash as a bonus!

If you like what you see, you can order your own Yoohoo! Mail box here. 

Do you have any monthly mail subscription boxes?? I am thinking of trying out another few- maybe candles or wax melts? I do love a good scent! Any you would recommend?


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