Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sugar Skull Glitter Glasses

Now, I don't usually promote crafts that I haven't made myself, but these are just far too irresistible not to show everyone! I received them as a leaving gift when I got a new job at work, and I was absolutely over the moon with them! So much so that I MUST practice how to make these- I'm pretty sure there are at least 5 people around me that want a set and the girl who created these for me doesn't sell commercially- although I totally think she should! Who else thinks that would be a good idea?

I'm so impressed as I believe these were here first attempt at making glitter glasses, and they are the first set I have had where the glitter doesn't cover you and become ingested. Yum.  The secret to fully sealing glitter? Wood sealant, apparently! There's another thing to add to my craft stash!

So I definitely think these are quite unique, and I look forward to experimenting with glitter and wood sealant myself! What other designs could I experiement with...?

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