Saturday, 23 May 2015

Craft Room Tour

So I have been away for quite some time. Having recently moved house, I have been trying to decorate the house and all of my arts and craft materials have been stored away in boxes.

Thankfully, I have been working on my craft room for the last few weeks, and the results are definitely worth all the hard work, even if I do say so myself!

With a budget, I have been able to create an apt space to get my creativity flowing while having everything immediately to hand, where I need it.

All in all, I would say that this room has cost about £200, but it is in no way completely finished. As I'm sure you all know, it will take more time to add the little bits and pieces that make it unique.

The colour scheme was quite basic, inspired by Pinterest. Come to think of it, a lot of this room was inspired by Pinterest, and I have taken lots of ideas and combined them all together.

Hope you like my little workspace, and feel free to ask any questions!

So the desk area is made up mostly of Ikea goodies! To the left is an Ikea Gnedby shelving unit, which I got in the bargain section for £14!! (Always check out the bargain section, people!)

The desk itself is a kitchen worktop, similar to the current Fyndig worktop. I got this as a discontinued piece, so slightly different, and again in the bargain section! It is held up by beam-wood around the walls, and a section of Faktum cabinet that houses my printer. In the corner of my desk is a large glass square shaped vase that I use to house my rulers, drawing aids and bone folders. No desk tidy will ever be big enough!

The walls are covered with Bygel rails, baskets, hooks and tubs. Perfect for storing all of my tools, ribbons, scissors, pens, pencils- everything really!!!

So these are my shelves, which are super deep and can hold a tonne of stuff!!! Again, the bargain section of Ikea really paid off, as I managed to get these Faktum kitchen cabinets for £10 each! I bought 3 so as to have extra shelves and some extra wood for use around the room. With no need to paint it, and it being chip resistant, it really made the room easier to build.

I have used Drona boxes, which are cheap and cheerful at £2.50 each and hold a LOT of stuff.  The Flyt magazine files also make everything look tidy, and I use these for holding everything- from cables and plugs, to empty tubs for use later. I have all of my wooden stamps, organised by size in the little white trays at the top of the shelves. Just as well I have a Bekvam step stool! There are also pink paper trays which I picked up at Poundland, and some misc boxes and folders that I already had lying around.

This is not quite finished yet, as I plan to use a label maker to label absolutely everything!!

This is my little sewing table and sofa bed. I wanted a stand- alone table for this so I could move it to accommodate larger pieces, while not having a permanent desk fixed in the middle of the room.  I also wanted to make sure that guests were able to stay over if need be, without dedicating a whole room to being a spare bedroom.

What you can't quite see above the sofa is a further, long shelf which houses all of my sketchbooks and more Drona boxes. Must ensure everything is co-ordinated!

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