Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ikea Inspired Creativity

This weekend I have decided to concentrate on being a bit creative! It has been a while, so I thought I'd start with some experimentation- primark plimsolls + Ikea Loppstarr Fabric pens!  I decided to freestyle the design on the shoes simply because all of my preparation sketches of interesting things weren't looking particularly interesting! Plus, I figured the application to the shoe would change the way I was able to draw anyway. So, hearts, swirls, stars and dots it was...


Overall, I was quite impressed with the vibrancy of the pens, and since they are so affordable, i definitely think this is something to invest in keeping the kids entertained of a rainy afternoon- all for under a fiver!  One thing I would bear in mind if I was to try this again was the pens bled into each other quite badly- perhaps allow more time to dry in between. I have still to wash the shoes to seal the dye onto them, so fingers crossed!!!! Next challenge- rocking my new footwear in public!


  1. Hello, do you know if the color washes off in the water?

    1. Hi there, the washing actually seals them! I have worn them in the rain many times, and no running whatsoever!