Sunday, 19 August 2012

Me Myself and I...

Today I'm revisiting an old set of illustrations that i done as part of my "Book of Me" brief in HND1. 

I thought it was time to put up an edit, as the composition wasn't quite right in the old versions. 

You can see what i mean here and here. Comment to let me know which you prefer...

Gloom Monster:

This one explains how I deal with bad days... EBAY!!!! I have actually started to call my postie "Santa" because it feels like Christmas every time he comes! I always forget what I've bid on!

The Self Conscious Poser:

Essentially means what it says. Im quite shy, even though I'm often in front of a camera. 

I'm A Rocker:

...who likes David Gray. Simply shows that I'm not pigeon holed in my music tastes.

These are digital collages, however the elements of them were created on paper, then scanned on and optimised. I hope you like the finished results as much as I do... I actually have them hanging on my wall! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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