Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Bug's Life...

Collage coloured/ textured paper

Waterproof membrane- nice effect
Felt- gives a nice fuzzy effect

 Patterned paper- nice and colourful, but a little busy

Corrugated paper. Nice subtle image.

Today i have been experimenting further with adigraff prints, and more so with the backgrounds. I have been looking at how the print adheres to different textures and types of paper, with some nice effects.


  1. My favourite one is the one second from the best,

    Have you tried using the corrugated paper to draw two different pictures.. by that I mean if you keep the paper in the orientation you have it with the lines horizontal, and draw in the bottom half of one line a picture, and in the top half a different picture, by tilting the paper in your hands you can swap between two different pictures!


    1. That sounds cool! Ill have to try it out sometime, totally sounds like something from art attack!