Monday, 13 July 2015

Free Printables- Room Signs

So I recently got a voucher for 100 photo prints. I thought I could take advantage of this, and make some funky door signs. As you may have figured out by now, our home is not going to be traditionally decorated. It will be fun, quirky and probably a tad terrifying to some. But, it will display all of our interests and passions, much like a museum! I like that, every artist needs a museum! 

Anyway, to make best use of the offer, I decided to throw together some signs for the doors in the hallway. It will be... you guessed it... Tattoo themed, and the overall idea would be like the waiting room of a tattoo shop, with loads of pics and posters on the walls. I'll be sure to post a pic in 10 years when it is finally finished! (it will take a LOT of photos lol) 

Here are the finished results, which I'm sure are in high enough resolution that you can feel free to print them off and use them yourself! A simple frame will set them off nicely. 

 Pride of place, for my favourite room! 

I could comment... but I wont :P

Love hearts! 

 For the front Door

I thought this sounded better than "Lounge"