Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Painting Sugar Skulls

So it really has been far too long since I last painted, and I have so many ideas for crafty makes that need a bit of painting and skill, so I thought it best to have a practice. I had an idea of killing two birds with one stone as I could also create something to hang in the living room, if it was good enough. I must add this was the first time I have ever drawn a sugar skull too- not bad?!

I used a pencil to draw out the skull firstly, then used a sharpie to get the outline. I painted the colours on using acrylic paints- I chose these to ensure the best colour intensity, plus they always work well with canvas. I know I probably didn't choose the best colour combinations, and the drawing is a tad uneven, but I'm quite pleased with it! I definitely think I will be practicing more though.

On another note, I am currently progressing with another skull canvas- much larger, with the skull made out of studs. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can share it with you! Watch this space!

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