Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Photoshop Channels and Selections...

These are some old foamboard prints i done last year. I used photoshop channels to change the colours in each, turning a boring old black and white print into a colourful creation!

1- Scan in your print. Single colour works best.
2- Use magic wand to select colour, or use select by colour function in the select menu.
3- In channels palette (view, channels) click on icon to save selection as a channel.
4- In layers pallette, create a new layer and fill simply with a collour of your choice. (in my closest example, i chose a pink colour)
5- Create another new layer, then go to the channels palette and drag the channel you made earlier onto the page to load it.
6- Click on the new layer and fill with another colour of your choice, but this must be different from the first.
7- Save! and enjoy- some quick additions to your development work!

Any questions, please ask and ill try to respond asap.
Here is a link to a fun tutorial to show you how to further use channels. Looks great! http://www.planetphotoshop.com/design-with-alpha-channel-tut.html